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I've voted in every election I was eligible to; paid state and federal income taxes every year I earned enough; helped family members and friends who needed it; supported groups and policies I believed in; protested waste, war, political insanity and social injustice. I've tried to be truthful, kind and  generous, with mixed success. Now, our failing executive branch and chaotic federal legislature have dropped this nation into dysfunctional-family psychodrama, with nowhere to go for counseling and too much at stake to ignore outcomes. 

I write essays and letters to my senators and congressman, and to the heads of relevant House and Senate committees, and publish them in this forum. I call when key votes are scheduled. I talk with friends who haven’t the time or energy to follow the daily reports of incompetence, avarice, and malignant ill-will seeping out of the White House and Congress. 

One of the most important things anyone can do right now is use reliable sources to stay aware and informed. Keep asking questions! Point out errors and discrepancies!

Stay well!