All the Wrong Places - Pam Glenn

All the Wrong Places - Pam Glenn


Mrs. Frog’s Improbable Search for Love

by Pam Glenn

The redoubtable Mrs. Frog has moved to the marsh, and no one’s quite sure what to to with her—least of all Mrs. Frog herself, who is loudly opinionated, bold, bossy, flirtatious . . . and bereft. Still, she does what she can to maintain her spirits and her figure: Her overhead claps and eagle pose, unlike some of her pronouncements, are models of form and timing.

This is not The Wind in the Willows. Nobody drives a wee roadster or lives in a tree-root grotto furnished from tiny garage sales. Mrs. Frog is damp, hefty, bumpy, blotched. Walt and the geezers are real blackbirds. In light of which, some of the pairings in the community are,

well, odd. So show us one that isn’t.

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